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Main business

Soaring Electric mainly is main specialized in new energy power generation and energy conservation test and also provides professional system integration services and relevant core equipment for clients in relevant fields.

In the new energy power generation field, Soaring Electric provides “turnkey” engineering services integrating the plan design and implementation, etc. of the distributed generation, micro-grid and energy storage power station system for power generation enterprises, industrial and commercial enterprises and communities and so on, the equipment and software systems depending on its core technology, e.g. energy storage converter, photovoltaic inverter and energy management system, leading technology and specialized integration system design and service, and also can efficiently improve the harmony, stability, power supply quality and power generation profits.

In the power aging test field, Soaring Electric has become the integrated energy conservation feedback aging test system suitable for various power supply products of various global top-class power enterprises, which not only efficiently realizes the intelligent management of the enterprise production line but also can greatly reduce the expenditure of power in the test cycle (the energy conservation efficiency reach above 80%), reduce the production cost, upgrade the aging productivity and lower fire hazards.

In the battery test field, Soaring Electric provides energy-saving feedback battery charge-discharge test system and the integrated test solution of different voltage classes and power classes for power voltage producers, electric automobile manufacturers, scientific research institutions and testing centers, which dramatically reduces the energy consumption in their testing process, improves their testing efficiency and upgrades the quality of their products.


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