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Module Testing System

Module Testing System Product overview

The module testing system of Soaring Electric is designed on the basis of the advanced electric testing technology and mainly used for battery producers, electro-automobile manufacturers and scientific research institutes to test the performance, limit parameters and cycle life of 5-60V wide scope batteries (e.g. lithium ion, Ni-Mh, lead acid and flow batteries and super-capacitors). In 2004, Soaring Electric firstly launched the efficient and energy-saving charge-discharge system with the regenerative power function. So far, its products have been reliably operated on production lines of many large battery enterprises and research institutes, etc. Especially, its in-the-loop testing system for electro-automobiles in the national 863 program has been operated continuously for 10 years. Soaring Electric has become the supplier of key testing equipment and solutions for a large batch of famous enterprises and scientific research institutes, e.g. State Power Grid, ATL, BMW and CTTL.

Module Testing System Product Classification

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