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ES-50K bidirectional energy storage power conversion system of Soaring Electric is a kind of grid-tied bidirectional conversion equipment applicable for the intelligent power grid construction and is used in the power storage cycle
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Conversion efficiency: >95% (including the transformer);

Perfect sine-save current power connection, the total harmonic content of the current is <3%;

Grid-tied and off-grid work modes are optional;

The control device adopts 32-bit DSP and the main power loop adopts the large power IGBT module;

It can communicate with the battery management system through CAN profibus and automatically control the charge and discharge of the battery pack;

It has wide DC voltage input scale, which improves the efficiency of the system;

It has standard communication interfaces for convenient remote control;

It has efficient vector control algorithm, its power factor can be adjusted randomly, and it can transmit reactive power in the capacity scope and realize reactive compensation;

It has the complete relay protection and prevent from the abnormal damage of inverter effectively;

It has the bidirectional inverter and can realize the bidirectional flow of energy in both AC and DC systems.

Many 50KVA devices can be combined randomly to form the conversion power plant of a larger capacity.

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