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ES-250KT bidirectional energy storage power conversion system is applicable for intelligent power grid construction and is the high and medium power grid-tied bidirectional conversion equipment used in the power storage cycle
  • Characteristics
  • Technical Indexes
  • Main applications

Conversion efficiency: > 96% (including the transformer);

Perfect sine-save current power connection, the total harmonic content of the current is <3%;

Grid-tied and off-grid work modes are optional;

Controller of excellent performance, with 32-digit DSP applied for fully digital vector control;

Advanced IGBP power elements with high reliability;

Complete protection function;

It can communicate with the battery management system through CAN profibus and automatically control the charge and discharge of the battery pack;

It has wide DC voltage input scale, which improves the efficiency of the system;

It has standard communication interfaces for convenient remote control;

Intelligent touch screen design; optimized HMI and convenient and fast operation.

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