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PACK Testing System


GBBT-700 200-2 of Soaring Electric is a professional battery pack charge-discharge testing system based on advanced electrical testing technology and is mainly used for the performance test, limit parameter test and cycle life test, etc of 200-750V power packs and storage batteries
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►High current and voltage accuracy and more precise
The current and voltage accuracy is 0.1% and the testing is more accurate.
Fast System response
In the equipment testing process, the system has good dynamic characteristics and make a quick response and the current rise velocity is lower than 10ms;
Small harmonic content and safer
The AC harmonic content is small, the power factor is more than 0.99 and it does not affect the power supply quality of the highly accurate lab.
Power regeneration
The maximum electric energy recycling rate in the discharge process is 96% and several tens of thousands of RMB of the electric power expenditure can be saved every year.
Independent dual-channel design
The two channels are independent with each other and can be charged and discharged respectively.
Channels can be connected in parallel.
Two channels can be used in parallel and charged or discharged at the same time. At that time, the maximum current is 400A.
Mighty and professional work condition simulation
No equipment switch and simpler
The single loop realizes dual functions of charge and discharge and it needs neither the charge-discharge equipment switch nor the time sequence coordination.
It can be communicated with the BMS,testing data and calculation values can be displayed in real time.
Various programmable testing modules
It has various programmable testing modes, e.g. constant current charge, constant voltage charge, constant current discharge, constant power discharge, pulse charge and discharge, curve charge and discharge, ladder, charge and discharge cycle, battery simulation and work condition simulation. 


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