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AC/DC primary System


GBEL-S48 600E regenerative power load is a kind of professional power burnin test equipment for the burnin test of 24V and 48V communication power supply The equipment adopts the advanced 32-bit industrial DSP digital control technology and intelligent micro-processing technology, it recycles more than 88% of energy by means of active inversion
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Regenerative diagram of  Soaring Electric regenerative electronic load

►It reduces the power consumption in the power burnin process and can return more than 88% of the power output to the power grid.

►It lessens the capacity of the distribution system and can improve the burnin capacity for 3-4 times on condition that its capacity is not enlarged;

►The procurement cost and operation cost of ventilation equipment is reduced and the manpower cost is lower.

►It has various burnin modes, power can be set under the mode of ON/OFF, variable load cycle and pulse burnin, and can add and decrease load intelligently, and it is easier to simulate the work environment of power supply more truly in the burnin process.

►It is smaller and equipped with a HF transformer for isolation.

►It has the grid-tied protection and internal protection functions.

►The remote control can be realized by the equipment or via the RS485 communication interface, burnin current, voltage and time, etc. can be set and stored, and burnin data can be recorded for checking later. 

►The load unit has the hot plugging design and can be maintained online easily.

►The client can realize the green power supply and green production, make a contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction and be supported by the government. 


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